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In just a few clicks, carry out your administrative formalities relating to the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises, subscribe to the Business Counter's Plus Services and to various legal authorisations.

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Simplification of your administrative procedures

Administrative procedures in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises

Do you wish to register, modify or strike off your data in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises?
Select one of the possibilities listed here and take these steps from your home

Before proceeding, check your company data in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises using the following link to the Public Search.

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Plus Services or other authorisations

Any sole trader or company operating in Belgium must meet various legal obligations. These are related to the activity area in which you operate.

We accompany you in your steps for a series of authorisations (VAT registration, AFSCA, Accreditation as an entrepreneur, authorisation related to the broadcasting of music, authorisation for itinerant trade - ambulant commerce or fairground operator - and other federal, regional or communal authorisations, publication in the Belgian Official Gazette).

A question ? Contact an advisor during office hours at 078/15.62.00 (Zonal tariff) or by e-mail at

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